District heating substation Dalsia fleXY

SKU: Compact district heating substation for wall mount

Dalsia fleXY is the perfect solution for connecting single- or multi-family houses to district heating network.  

Dalsia fleXY has universal application in new and existing buildings for its compact size and convenient operation and it has been especially designed to provide high efficiency and comfort while reducing costs.

The compact design with smart configuration makes Dalsia fleXY easy for transportation, assembly, servicing and exploitation. The components layout is designed in regard to functionality and easy maintenance.

Dalsia fleXY is fully assembled, tested and functionally wired for easy and effective installation. The complete “plug & play” solution makes the assembly phase easy for the installers, consultants and building supervisors.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dalsia fleXY stands for flexible configurations
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Low hydraulic losses – 1" primary and heating lines
  • Small reaction time for DHW
  • Up and down connections
  • Fully insulated according to DS452



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