Production and Supply of 95 District Heating Substations to Sofia District Heating Company, Bulgaria

Client: Sofia District Heating Company

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year: 2018

The contract was signed in February 2018 and includes the dismantling of existing, delivery and installation of new district heating substations.

The total number of substations is 285, with capacities ranging from 100 to 1500 kWh. It is expected that substations will be installed and commissioned before the start of the new heating season.

The new substations will replace the obsolete facilities and will help the residents of the capital to achieve significant heat savings. Investments in modernizing DH substations were designed to facilitate control of heat supply at the building level that could be adjusted by households based on consumer needs.


Additional facts

Toplofikacia Sofia provides heat and hot water to over 800,000 inhabitants, representing 65 per cent of district heat consumption in Bulgaria. Toplofikacia Sofia is fully municipality-owned and operates on a commercial basis.It is also the largest gas consumer in Bulgaria and has the potential to realise significant savings through improved energy efficiency. The DH sector in Bulgaria has been assessed as the most economical and environmentally sustainable option for heat supply.