Production and Delivery of District Heating Substations for Mirgorod, Ukraine

Client: Myrgorodteploenergo

Location: Mirgorod, Ukraine

Project year: 2017

The contract with Brunata was signed on September  2017, and includes the supply of 17 district heating substations for the Ukrainian town of Mirgorod. The contract is part of the project “Modernization of thermal area “Aviamistechko” in the City of Myrgorod of Poltava Region”. The contract includes delivery of the equipment and materials, supervision of installation, commissioning of the equipment and training.

6 of the 17 substations will provide heating and domestic hot water, while the rest - only heating. Brunata's new substations will lead to much more efficient heat consumption and at the same time will facilitate the distribution of costs to consumers, thus encouraging them to take additional energy saving measures.

With decreased thermal losses and higher efficiency, the new project  will reduce the use of natural gas. By including introduction of DHS the system is also converted towards a more sustainable demand driven system given by the possibilities for future energy efficiency measures on customer level. The introduction of DHSs in the area will increase the quality of heat delivery to the connected buildings by enabling a heat supply in relation to actual heat demand. In addition to this, it will also be possible to use the actual measured supplied energy as basis for billing. This in turn gives each building owner an incentive to find ways to reduce the energy use.

Additional facts

DemoUkrainaDH is a funding initiative created by NEFCO and the Ukrainian Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Municipal Economy. The program is funded by NEFCO, the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation (Sida) and the E5P Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership. In 2015 Brunata successfully completed another NEFCO energy efficiency project in Ukraine in Poltava.

Myrgorod is the administrative centre of the Myrgorod region in Poltava Oblast with a population of around 40 000 inhabitants. The project of Municipal Enterprise “Myrgorodteploenergo” aims to renovate a separate heating district located in the outskirts of the city.