Production and Supply of District Heating Substations, Delivery of pre-insulated Pipes to Megalopolis, Greece

Client: The municipal company of Megalopolis

Location: Megalopolis, Greece

Project year: 2018

In recent years, Brunata has ranked among the largest suppliers of district heating substations for our southern neighbour, Greece, where the company is well-known in the cities of Thessaloniki, Ptolemaida, Amintayo, Kozani and others.

The contract of our company was concluded on 29.08.2017 with the municipal company of Megalopolis and includes delivery and installation of 182 substations with SiDiO remote monitoring and control system. The order also includes replacement and construction of a new heating pipe with an approximate length of 13 km.

The contract has been executed in the middle of 2018.

DH benefits in Megalopolis


  • Energy efficiency and saving more than 30%
  • Reduction of pollution
  • Reduction of national CO2 emissions
  • Cheaper domestic Heating
  • Independency from imported fuels (oil, natural gas)         
  • Currency savings and local redistribution
  • Upgrading of life quality for the citizens
  • Reduction of unemployment (constructors, suppliers , designers, project managers etc)
  • Support and opportunities for sustainable regional development.


Additional facts

The district heating of Megalopoli Arcadia was started in 2007. It feeds the city of Megalopolis with thermal energy for indoor heating and production of hot water. The town's district heating distribution network covers approximately 30% of the city.