Production and Supply of District Heating Substations to Amyndeo, Greece

Client: Municipal District Heating Company of Amyndeo (DHCA)

Location: Amyndeo, Greece

Project year: 2015, 2017

With the new facilities in the settlements of Amyndeo, Levaia and Filotas, the extension of the district heating network in the Municipality of Amyndeo consecutively started in 2015 and 2017.
Immediately after, started with the installation of district heating substations, in order for the new consumers to receive direct heating.
The new district heating substations Dalsia Brunata are equipped with SiDiO SCADA for remote monitoring and control which ensures the control of the working regime of each units. SiDiO also contribute the consumption visibility and reduces maintaining costs.

The heating of all the villages of the Municipality of Amyndeo with biomass district heating systems is expected to reduce the cost for all residents, especially in the winter months, when the temperature drops to several degrees below zero, and on the other hand create new jobs.

Environmental, economic, and social benefits from the project:

  • Energy efficiency and saving;
  • Reduction of pollution;
  • Reduction of national CO2 emissions;
  • Cheaper domestic Heating;
  • Upgrading of life quality for the citizens;
  • Support and opportunities for sustainable regional development;
  • Implementation of new technologies on environmental energy systems, energy efficiency, renewables;
  • Increase of public awareness on clean, sustainable, environmental friendly energy.
Additional facts

Amyndeo is a town and municipality in the Florina regional unit of Macedonia, Greece. The population of Amyndeo proper is 4,306, while that of the entire municipality is 16,973 (2011).
The Amyndeo district heating project is the third project of its kind in Greece following similar projects in Kozani and Ptolemaida.
The system has been installed in the wider region of Amyndeo during 2000-2015, by municipal services, due to co-financing.