Production and Supply of Cooling Energy Transfer Modules for Dubai, UAE

Location: Dubai, UAE

Project year: 2016

Our production of energy transfer stations for our customers in UAE started in 2016 when Dalsia Brunata manufactured and delivered the first unit for its client in Dubai. The cooling module has been designed according to the highest standards and innovative technology. The backflashing system of the heat exchanger ensures optimal efficiency.

The cooling module produced by Dalsia Brunata is an important part of the cooling system which also contains chillers, cooling tower, pumps and thermal energy storage tank. Cooling systems are up to 40% more efficient, as larger systems are considerably more energy-efficient than small, individual units. In addition to that centralizing the cooling infrastucture offsets the need of a mechanical room in each building and they have large capacity that ensures energy is available around the clock and customers pay only for the energy they use.

• Up to 40% improvement in efficiency and optimal comfort
• 20% life cycle cost savings and reduced maintenance
• Easy expansion and technological upgrades
• Carbon emission savings

Additional facts

In countries with hot climate for example those from the Gulf region, district cooling application covers all types of buildings connected to the district cooling system such as residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings, public buildings etc.