Procurement and Installation of Individual Heating Stations, SCADA Components and Associated Services to the City of Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Client: Vinnytsya communal district heating enterprice "Vinnytsiamiskteploenergo"

Location: Vinnytsya, Ukraine

Project year: 2016

In 2016 Dalsia Brunata designed, manufactured and delivered 68 district heating substations and SCADA components to the public utility of Vinnitsya city council "Vinnytsiamiskteploenergo". Dalsia Brunata also performed testing and commissioning of the substations and training of the operating staff. Dalsia Brunata substations will improve the quality of heating in 80 residential buildings, several schools, a kindergarten and two medical facilities.

The new SCADA system SiDiO is Dalsia Brunata's own elaboration. It has been designed to carry out remote monitoring and a complete control of each district heating substation individually. This is how the energy efficiency of the district heating network could be optimized at the most, ensuring better comfort for the inhabitants, more savings, reduced service costs, analytical and reporting tools and many others.

This energy efficiency project has been our second in Vinnytsia as a subcontractor of the Swiss company Fela Planung. The financing of the project has been realized with a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD).

The district heating system in the city of Vinnitsya is the main heating way but it needs significant modernization to reach its huge energy efficiency potential. The introduction of modern substations and SCADA services is an important part of the energy efficiency measures initiated by the local authorities. The expected economic effect on the overall completion of the project is saving 3.4 million m3 of natural gas and CO2 emissions reduction by 6500 tons.

Along with other significant energy effiiency measures the project aims to upgrade the city's district heating system, to reduce the gas consumption by around 220 000 cubic meters and the heat energy consumption by around 2 060 megawatt hours annually. As a result the city will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 415 tonnes a year. The expected financial savings for the municipality are around EUR 55 000 per year.


Additional facts
VinnytsaMiskTeploEnergo operates in Vinnytsia city with population 370 000 people. Its district heating services cover approx. 60% of the population of the city of Vinnytsia to approximately 850 residential apartment buildings.