Production and Supply of 95 District Heating Substations to Sofia District Heating Company, Bulgaria

Client: Sofia District Heating Company

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year: 2016

In the summer of 2016 Brunata signed a contract with Sofia District Heating Company for the supply of 95 substations for heating and hot water with a heating power of 50 kW to 650 kW.

Funding for the project was carried out with funds of the district heating company.

The majority of the substations were designed for replacement of the obsolete facilities. The aim of the replacement is related to increasing energy efficiency and achieving over 20% savings in energy consumption.

In recent 10 years Brunata was the company that produced and replaced over 10,000 substations for Sofia District Heating Company. Each substation is equipped with a system for automatic adjustment that controls the heat supply according to the outer temperature.


Additional facts
Sofia District Heating Company was established in 1949. It is the oldest and largest district heating network in Bulgaria. The company has four power stations - two cogeneration plants, and two heat-only boiler stations. The heat energy output is over 5 100 000 Mwth per year. It has over 430 000 clients.