Production and Delivery of Pre-insulated Pipes, Manufacturing and Delivery of District Heating Substation with SCADA system SiDiO to Voulgari School of Ptolemaida, Greece

Client: Municipal District Heating Company of Ptolemaida (D.H.C.P)

Location: Ptolemaida, Greece

Project year: 2016

In April 2016 Dalsia Brunata manufactured and delivered a new district heating substation to Voulgari School of Ptolemaida, Northern Greece.

The project is part of the extending of the existing municipal district heating network. Dalsia Brunata also supplied pre-insulated steel pipes according to standard EN253, additional equipment and SCADA solution SiDiO for remote control of the district heating substation.

Our project at Voulgari School is part of many projects Dalsia Brunata successfully performed in Northern Greece where the company is at the forefront of the district heating technology.

The main benefits from this project are expressed by better energy efficiency, lower heat expenses, implementation of new technologies, increase of public awareness on clean, sustainable, environmental friendly energy.


Additional facts
DHCP was established in 1994 as a municipal company, authorised by the Town Council, in order to distribute and further on produce thermal energy as well as to administer the whole city's thermal needs.
Ptolemaida is the bigger energy production Center in Greece for more than 60 years.