Production and Delivery of District Heating Substations for Poltava, Ukraine

Client: Poltava communal district heating enterprice "Poltavateploenergo"

Location: Poltava, Ukraine

Project year: 2015

The pilot project executed by Brunata comprises production and delivery of 10 district heating substations Dalsia Brunata and SCADA system SiDiO to the city of Poltava in eastern Ukraine.

The introducing of district heating substations Dalsia Brunata makes district heating a financially sustainable way of providing quality heat and hot water services. An important part of the project is the accurate heat metering at building level and implementing SCADA services for individual monitoring and control of each substation.

The investment made by Poltavateploenergo for the ten pilot buildings is expected to improve its services in the following way:
Better quality of service. The new district heating substations Dalsia Brunata allows supply to be matched with demand and provide accurate heat metering at the building level.
Lower costs. The district heating substations reduce heating demand by 20-25 percent.

Improved transparency. SCADA system SiDiO provides information and control over buildings' heat consumption and shows the manner to balance heat supply and demand.
Increase revenues. District heating substations Dalsia Brunata with meters help improve the quality of service and transparency and improve customers' trust.

Along with other significant energy efficiency measures the project aims to upgrade the city's district heating system, to reduce the gas consumption by around 220 000 cubic meters and the heat energy consumption by around 2 060 megawatt hours annually. As a result the city will cut its carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 415 tonnes a year. The expected financial savings for the municipality are around EUR 55 000 per year.

The investment is financed by the municipality owned company Poltavateploenergo, DemoUkrainaDH and NEFCO.


Additional facts
Poltavateploenergo operates in Poltava region covering several towns and villages with total population 340 000 people. The company supply district heating services to 95% of the population of the city of Poltava, to approximately 1300 residential apartment buildings.