Production and Delivery of District Heating Substations for Vestforbrænding - Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Vestforbrænding, Denmark

Location: Vestforbrænding’s supply area, Denmark

Project year: 2014-2018

After completing four successful projects with the Danish incinerating company Vestforbrænding, in 2014 Brunata ODD was chosen again among other strong competitors as a reliable partner in the execution of the future plans of the incinerator. Both sides signed a two-years contract in May 2014 which was later extended to its full duration until May 2018.

For the period September 2014 - May 2018, Brunata has delivered 343 district heating substations for the extension of the district heating network in the new areas - Bagsværd, Måløv, Ballerup and part of Lyngby. All of these units are already in operation supplying the newly connected customers with sustainable heating from the incinerator.

The district heating substations delivered for the new areas vary in capacity from 20 kW for small wall units to 5200 kW for big complex installations. The units are installed to diverse types of customers including schools, kindergartens, churches, cinemas, many institutional and residential buildings, Lyngby Storcenter, businesses of any kind and big production facilities. The variety of customers in the new areas led to the design of new layouts and technical specications. The dynamic process from order to delivery brought together designers and project leaders from Brunata and district heating technicians and civil engineers from the biggest Danish consultancy Rambøll.

In correspondence with the specic customer needs, Brunata has developed a brand new product in 2014: wall-hanging unit Dalsia Brunata W for small building installations up to 110kW. The design continuously improves until 2016 when Dalsia Brunata W has been replaced by a brand new product Dalsia fleXY. Dalsia fleXY finds a good market due to its compact dimensions and high efciency for small buildings.

For the entire duration of the contract, 49% of the delivered units are wall hanging installations. The rest are floor-standing units with higher capacity intended for larger installations.

Vestforbrænding works continuously on expanding the areas and putting more and more units into operation. In the spring of 2018, due to the expiration of the framework agreement, the incinerating company launched a new tender for expansion of the dictrict heating network and delivery of district heating substations. The partnership of Brunata OOD with Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S was awarded with the contract, which is again a two-year framework agreement. As per January 2019, Brunata OOD has delivered 61 district heating substations of different capacities to Wicotec Kirkebjerg for installation in the new supply areas of I/S Vestforbrænding.