Modernization of the heat pump plant in the residence of Euxinograd - Varna, Bulgaria

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Project year: 2014

The residence of Euxinograd has its own mineral water reservoir that feeds the heat pump plant. Part of the buildings served by it are the building of the palace "Evksinograd" and the adjacent building, the building of the royal stables "Stahl", park greenhouses (high palm greenhouse, lower palm greenhouse, greenhouses Dutch and French).

The modernization of the heat pump plant was necessary because much of the existing tube bundles of the two heat exchangers were blocked due to breaches in the pipes. As a result, both heat exchangers were working consistently, due to the significant reduction of the heat transfer surface.

Experts of Brunata realized the replacement of the existing heat exchangers with more efficient gasketed plate heat exchangers. The inlet of each heat exchanger is a filter. The pressure gauges are used to monitor the pressure drops in filters and plate heat exchangers. The pipes and fittings are insulated with elastomeric rubber and lined with galvanized steel.


Additional facts
Euxinograde palace is located north of Varna. It was built as a summer residence of the Bulgarian Prince Alexander in the late 19th century. The complex has 850 acres that include the park, harbor, beaches and vineyards.
Today Euxinograde is under the jurisdiction of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.