Production and Delivery of District Heating Substations for Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Project year: 2013

In the project signed in June 2013 Brunata acts as a subcontractor of the Swiss company FELA Planungs AG. The funding is provided from Switzerland's State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO.

The project objective is the improvement of the municipal infrastructure in the town of Vinnytsia, including increasing energy efficiency of the district heating system, building capacity, and raising awareness about energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Brunatas' part in the project includes design, implementation, supply, installation, commissioning and associated services of 100 district heating substations Dalsia Brunata from small 50 kW units to large units 2200 kW incl. a full remote control and SCADA system. 2/3 of the stations are designed for heat and domestic hot water, rest for heat only. The new substations Dalsia Brunata with control  оf heat supply in relation to outdoor temperature introduce a demand driven heat supply to customers.

The district heating substations are connected to the boiler houses Karl Marx and Bazhenova in Vinnytsia. The central dispatcher room is located at the customers headquater building.

By introduction of district heating substations Dalsia Brunata and new modern district heating pipelines the losses are reduced, which results in less capacity demand for heating and hot water preparation. The expected energy savings are approx. 30% and the project has an expected pay-back time of about 5 years.


Additional facts
VinnytsyaMiskTeploEnergo operates in Vinnytsia city with population 370 000 people. Its district heating services cover approx. 60% of the population of the city of Vinnytsia to approximately 850 residential apartment buildings.