Production and Delivery of 109 District Heating Substations to Cherkasi Municipal District Heating Company, Ukraine

Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine

Project year: 2012 / 2013

In 2012 CherkasyTeploKomunEnergo - the municipally-owned district heating company of the Ukrainian city of Cherkasy received an EBRD loan for investments aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the local district heating network.

The main objectives of the project are to achieve considerable energy savings, to contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions and to improve the financial and operating performance of the Company.

The introduction of new, compact district heating substations Brunata OpTherma in residential apartment buildings is expected to achieve significant cost savings and greater efficiency.

The project in Cherkasy is expected to provide a model for solving the energy efficiency problem in Ukraine and that's why the role of the Brunata is essential.


Additional facts
Cherkasy is a city of almost 300,000 people in central Ukraine, about 200 kilometres south of the capital Kiev.
CherkasyTeploKomunEnergo serves about half the city's population with heat and hot water.