Production and Delivery of 1330 District Heating Substations to Ptholemaida Municipal District Heating Company, Greece

Location: Ptolemaida, Greece

Project year: 2011 - 2013

After a very successful partnership in 2009, in 2011 Brunata received a new order for manufacturing and supply of district heating substations to Ptolemada cityzens. Our second project in Greece is a complete solution, including:

  • Delivery of 1,330 stations
  • Delivery of heat meters
  • SCADA management system “SiDiO”
  • Consulting services
  • Training

With Brunata’s own “SiDiO” system the control center of the heating plant has a quick and easy access to remote monitoring and control of the district heating substations.
The whole project leads to cost optimization, improved energy efficiency and better control over the substations network, lower cost for the district heating company, faster procedures for reading and billing services.


Additional facts
Ptolemaida is a city in Northern Greece with a population of 45 592 people.
The largest district heating system in Greece is the city of Ptolemaida. There are five power plants providing heat to the majority of the largest towns and cities of the area and some villages.