Production and Delivery of 102 District Heating Substations to Racconigi & Segrate, Italy

Location: Racconigi & Segrate, Italy

Project year: 2011

In 2011 as a subcontractor of Power Solutions - Italy, Brunata delivered 45 wall substations OpTherma W and 52 floor substations OpTherma to Racconigi district heating plant. Another 5 floor substations has been delivered to Segrate, Italy.

The first network of Racconigi is 8 kilometers long and serves public and private buildings - schools, nursing homes, sports facilities and public buildings as well as condos and individual homes.

The heat is provided by the central heating plant with a ten-cylinder gas powered engine flanked by a boiler of support for the colder months. The plant is operated by Cofely while the SCADA system SiDiO is provided by Brunata. The SCADA solution allows 24 hours of monitoring and control for the entire network. Brunata’s SiDiO operating boards are currently installed in almost 100 district heating substations in Racconigi.

The municipality of Racconigi is expecting savings in economic terms from 15 to 20%, less maintenance and better control of the entire district heating network.

Additional facts
Racconigi is a town and municipality in Piedmont, Italy. It’s population is 9,886 people
Segrate is a town and municipality located in the Province of Milan in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. In 2004 it had some 33,000 inhabitants.