Production, Supply and Installation of 505 District Heating Substations to TO Cerak and TO Miljakovac - Belgrade, Serbia

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Project year: 2008 / 2009

The project includes manufacturing of district heating substations, delivery to Beogradske Elektrane, dismounting of the existing substations, preparing of the premises, setting up and putting into operation, 72-hours operational tests, staff training, warranty. It is part of the “Rehabilitation and modernization of district heating systems” project in Serbia.

Brunata signed the final approval of the project on 9th of May 2008. 505 heating substations were manufactured and supplied in a very short period of time for two district heating areas in Belgrade – TO Cerak and TO Miljakovac. The old substations were replaced by new ones. Brunata delivered 5 types of district heating substations with maximum capacity of 3MW.

One of the main problems in Belgrade was the lack of heat metering and cost allocation, which was introduced after the installation of the new substations. This will considerably reduce the heat energy costs and ensure the higher comfort of the citizens of Belgrade.

Additional facts
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia with population of approximately 1,63 million people. The heating system covers 40 per cent of the city. There are 55 district heating companies in Serbia, with approx. 30 year old substations. Beogradskae Electrana is the biggest one in Serbia.