Production, Delivery and Installation of District Heating Substations for Business Park, Sofia

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year: 2002 - 2012

Modern Energy Solution for the building area of Business Park Sofia, Bulgaria

The Business Park complex in Sofia is one of the modern business complexes designed and built to meet the growing needs of the business community.

Brunata created a modern heating solution including design, manufacturing and installation of district heating substations. Brunata delivered 16 substations which were mounted in 14 separate buildings. They supply heating and domestic hot water via the central heating system. One or more substations are mounted in each building. The substations in the basement are connected to the central heating network of Sofia. The capacity of the most powerful substation is 1,2 MW

Additional facts
Business Park Sofia consists of:
·35 buildings
·Total built-up area 300 000 m²
·Main area: 180 000 m²
·Corporate buildings: 44 000 m²
·Commercial area: 74 000 m²
·10 000 people working in the park
·10 000 visitors per day