Rehabilitation of the district heating network in Pristina, Kosovo

funded by the European Union

Project year: 2018-2021

Pipelines – new and replacement: Approx. 8 km

Total number of district heating substations, new and replacement: 171 pcs.
Capacity: from 50 kW to 1200 kW.
Total installed capacity: 94 MW.

Areas in Pristina, included in the project:
Network to Kalabria, Mati and extension to Center, Dardania, Ulpiana, Sunny Hill.

Main project outcomes and advantages:

  • During the project almost 17,000 meters of underground pipes were replaced by new preinsulated pipes. This will reduce significantly the losses of heat and water.
  • New pipelines were installed that connected about 1500 residential apartments. Also 2 kindergartens and 3 schools were connected to the district heating network of Pristina.
  • The installed district heating substations allow accurate temperature control in the buildings. Heat meters were installed to monitor the heat consumption and to assure correct billing to the customers. All important parameters of the substations are transferred to the control room of Termokos so fast response on necessary actions is possible.
  • The project will have significant influence on the air quality in Pristina. District heating will replace oil and electricity heating devices.
  • All pipes have thermal insulation that will reduce the heat losses in the atmosphere.

The project impact in the district heating system of Pristina:

  • The network heat losses reduced from 18,7% in 2016 to 11,9% in 2021;
  • The water losses reduced from 22 replenishments in 2016 to 5 replenishments a year in 2021;
  • The difference of the return water temperatures of the primary and secondary side does not exceed 5°C at any of 171 substation units installed by the project.