• Dalsia flexCool

    Energy Transfer Station

    Modular energy transfer station which main function is to provide air cooling and cold tap water to your building. It serves as the interface between the district cooling system and the building cooling system and covers all types of ...

  • Dalsia floXY

    Heating substation for floor mounting

    Dalsia floXY is a family of floor mounted units with application in district heating. They use weather compensation electronic controller and could be connected to various SCADA systems.

  • Dalsia fleXY

    Heat Substations for wall mounting

    Dalsia fleXY is a complete plug & heat solution for wall mounting. Dalsia fleXY provides efficient heating while being compact and easy for transportation, installation and operation.


In July 2015 Brunata OOD signed a new contract concerning the production, supply and installation of 567 district heating substations equipped with SCADA system SiDiO with the Municipal District Heating Company of the Amyntaio wider area, Greece. The delivered Substations are going to be installed in the buildings of Amyntaio, Levaia and Filotas.

The efficient substations and the modern SCADA system of Brunata are expected to bring significant energy savings in new connected buildings of Amyntaio wider area. The entire project will be finished in a very short term of 150 days after the contract signing.

Despite the difficult economical conditions in Greece, the Municipal District Heating Company of Amyntaio Wider Area, succeeded in finding the required financing in order the residents of 567 buildings under connection to enjoy the full benefits with the connection with the district heating network, with the new efficient substations Dalsia Brunata.