Brunata is substation producer of district heating systems, heat substations and heat exchanger station

The substation manufacturer Brunata is your business partner for heating stations, district heating substations, district heating solutions


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Brunata is substation manufacturer who produce quality district heating systems and district heating substations. The heating stations from Brunata are

Heat Metering

Brunata is a Danish-owned company with almost 100 years’ experience of supplying high-technology heating and energy measuring products and services. The company is dating back to 1917, when heating consumption was first measured in Denmark. Ever since the company was founded, we have been pioneers within heating, measuring and service.Today, more than 24 million Brunata meters are in use all over the world.


In terms of measuring the consumption of our clients, Brunata is a preferred professional regarding the documentation of resource consumption and energy efficiency of any type of building. We combine flexible solutions, establish confidence in the results and realise our vision of enabling customers to optimise their resources.


Our solutions cover:

• Meters – heat, cool, water, energy, electricity and humidity

• Reading – remote reading, visits and online

• Software – online reporting of consumption measurement and consumption accounts

• Service – heat accounting, approved installation, maintenance, calibration and reverification

• Substations tailored on different demands



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