Brunata is substation producer of district heating systems, heat substations and heat exchanger station

The substation manufacturer Brunata is your business partner for heating stations, district heating substations, district heating solutions


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Brunata is substation manufacturer who produce quality district heating systems and district heating substations. The heating stations from Brunata are

SCADA Management for district heating networks

SiDiO is an implementation of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote monitoring and control of district heating & cooling  substations controllers, repeaters and metering devices.


The system provides complete visibility and management tools to improve the energy efficiency and network performance. Powerful features enable complete control over each district heating & cooling substation unit, ensure lower operation times and effective multi level analysis.


SiDiO offers a reliable, real-time and highly visualized solution which enables operators and users to see and understand all relevant data within the district heating & cooling network at a glance and to generate custom reports with analysis of the district heating performance.


SiDiO provides essential monitoring and managing of the district heating & cooling network by ensuring:

Constant and detailed monitoring and analysis of your energy consumption pattern, which enables detection of cost effective reduction opportunities

Complete control over each connected unit, ensuring lower operation times

Conventional and user-defined analysis, showing the performance of the different components and their impact on the overall operation.


SiDiO also contains an advanced 24 hours remote monitoring and control of controllers, repeaters and metering devices. Remote access is based on data transfer by GSM/GPRS, Internet or PSTN.


User interfaces with different levels of access has been developed to control each building connected to the heating network separately.


SiDiO is a scalable solution. It can operate within a single building, a quarter or a whole city. The system allows real-time communication between the utility and the consumer. The up-to-date software allows a quick and easy access to the available data from the control center and from registered customers.