Brunata is substation producer of district heating systems, heat substations and heat exchanger station

The substation manufacturer Brunata is your business partner for heating stations, district heating substations, district heating solutions


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Brunata is substation manufacturer who produce quality district heating systems and district heating substations. The heating stations from Brunata are

in Serbia

Our main project in Serbia was part of a project called “Rehabilitation and modernization of district heating systems” project.


The project included manufacturing of 505 district heating substations Dalsia Brunata, delivery to Beogradske Elektrane, dismounting of the existing substations, preparing of the premises, setting up and putting into operation, 72-hours operational tests, staff training and warranty.


The new functioning district heating substations Dalsia Brunata became a perfect energy efficient and cost-effective solution to supply heat and hot water.


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2008 / 2009

Production, supply and installation of 505 district heating substations to TO Cerak and TO Miljakovac - Belgrade, Serbia